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I need your questions!

Assuming that you’ve already read the introduction, what do you want to know?

Maybe some of the explanations aren’t clear enough?

Maybe you have an objection?

Or maybe you have a burning question?


The answers will end up in the newsletter, in a FAQ, and maybe in a product.

Your name will be changed for privacy reasons.

This site is very new. Until I put a better mechanism in place, please use the comment form below. Comments are moderated in order to avoid spam.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Ask Me a Question

  1. You make some excellent points. Who/what are your main sources of knowledge which support your beliefs?

    Note: Please do not share my email address w/ANY other entity. I’d hate to have to abandon yet another email address. But I will ; )

    • Hello Anne!

      It’s hard to trace this back to just a few sources. My background is in both information technology and economics.

      Apart from that, for many years I have been interested in topics such as philosophy, personal development, spirituality and evolutionary theory. For the most part, I was seeking to improve my own life.

      Then one day it all clicked. I realized that there’s a game behind the game. We are all like puppets and don’t realize it. And it’s all happening in our heads.

      As for your e-mail, my webhost knows it. If you subscribe, the mailing service will know it. Apart from that, it’s safe with me. I’m not sharing it with anybody.

      Thanks for your question.

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