Every Journey Starts with a First Step

Welcome to the Jungle Consciousness Newsletter!

You are about to wake up from an illusion that has been keeping you at war:
a war against yourself and others.

Until now, you have been a victim of your own mind,
but here you will learn how to reclaim your dignity and inner peace.

Having achieved peace within yourself, you will also be emanating it all around you.

Together we can change the world.

Every journey starts with a single step.

If you are reading this you must already be familiar with the introduction and have subscribed to the newsletter.
If not, be sure to complete these steps first.

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Ready? Great! Let’s begin.

This is going to be an active process.

While you are already familiar with the basic premise, it may still seem abstract.

In order to gain ownership of this new knowledge, you have to make it tangible.
You have to make it personal.
You have to make it real.

Furthermore, it has to become a part of your thinking.
Your brain is not an empty vessel to be filled with facts.
Everything you are about to learn, you have to be co-creating.
Otherwise, it will remain a distant and useless theory.

In order for the change to be real, you have to live it and breathe it.

How can this be achieved?

There is a driving force that led you here:
A force that locked your attention and kept you reading.
A force that made you follow through.

What is it?

It’s something very personal and unique to you.
It gives you meaning and purpose.

For the new knowledge to take root, it has to become meaningful to you.

That’s why we have to focus on your driving force first.
This is how your learning experience begins.

Your first assignment:

I want you to get in touch with your driving force. I want you to recognize what it is.

Maybe it’s a burning question that keeps you awake at night.
Maybe it’s a hope, a desire, a dream.
Maybe it’s a challenge, an invisible barrier that has been holding you back.

You may already have an idea of what I’m talking about…
… or some deliberate thought might be required before it reveals itself to you.

Here’s a question to ask:

How will your life be different? 

When you first started reading this, there were some imaginations in your mind.
You were thinking of some aspect of your life that you’d love to improve, but don’t know how.

Maybe this was just a fleeting thought.
Now I’d like you to hold this thought in your mind and give it all the awareness you’ve got.

Once you own this knowledge, what will life be like?

Use your imagination.
Play the scenes in your mind.
Make them crisp and clear.
Give them color, give them sound.

This is how you create a vision for yourself.

You may have had some nebulous idea before, but now you are making it clear.

This is your driving force:
You know where you are coming from.
You know where you are going.
It has meaning for you.

It has the power to move you.

Write it down.

Yes, take the time to write it down.
Thus it won’t be just a thought anymore. It will take material form.
It will be something you can touch.

Also, in the future you will be able to look back and see how far you have come.
It will be like a photograph of an important life event.

If you keep a journal – which is a great idea – write it there.

Please take the time to do this.
It will make the difference between real life change and empty theory.
Do it.

How much are you willing to share?

Your driving force is something very personal and unique to you.
There are things that you may want to keep to yourself.
But you may also want to share some of it with others.

Knowing what drives you would help me tune my presentation to your needs.
It could also inspire other readers.

So how much can you open up?
How much can you share?

Please do share.

Some readers may be tempted to skip the entire exercise.
Is there a way to be sure that you’re not one of them?
I think you guessed it …

Please use the comments below.

  • How did you end up here? What caught your attention?
  • What is your struggle?
  • How will life be different?

Once you have clarity for yourself, please leave a comment and share as much as you are willing to.

Comments are moderated in order to avoid spam.

In your comment, please tell me explicitly if you want it to be made public.
The alternative is to keep it private, in which case it won’t be made visible for other readers.

I reserve myself the option to keep comments private if I deem the information too personal.

This was the first step of your journey.

Thank you for coming with me. I’m excited to have you on board.

Please complete your assignment.

Together we can change the world.


Take care

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