Introduction to Jungle Consciousness

Red Pill Alert

Before we move any further, be warned:

1. I’ll be straighter with you than many can handle.

Expanding your mind will require that you face some discomfort and let go of old cherished illusions. Between the old and new paradigm, there’s a chasm of confusion that you’ll have to willingly dive into.

Furthermore, we’ll be exposing the shitty little games your mind is playing on you. It won’t be pretty.

As long as jungle consciousness still holds its grip on your experience, it may feel as though you were being put on the spot.

It may feel as though you were being blamed.

It may feel as if you needed to defend yourself.

You may find yourself wishing you could forget what you’ve learned.

Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill!

~ Cypher, The Matrix

We’ll be looking into the collective shadow of humanity. We’ll drag the beast above the surface of consciousness and put it in the spotlight.

It won’t like it a single bit. And it will feel as though you didn’t like it a single bit – as long as it’s still in charge.

Throughout the whole process you’ll be completely fine and completely safe, but it won’t feel like this.

2. Furthermore, you’ll have to delay gratification.

See, when seeking to improve their lives, people want to rush into action. They want to be given a gun and told whom to shoot at.

Knowing whom to shoot at is intoxicating. It gives you a sense of false clarity and lets you jump into some sort of a struggle.

Tragically misguided action feels awesome while you’re doing it.

That’s why the world is full of demagogues who’ll gladly sell you an enemy. There’s a market for this – where willing cannon fodder gets told what to fight against.

This is NOT what we’re doing here.

Rather than rushing into action, you’ll take a step back and look at the big picture. You’ll see through the games of your own mind. This will give you a huge amount of freedom.

When you are ready, you’ll become your own leader – and a leader of others if you wish so. But it starts with patience.

3. This is not a course in positive thinking.

Don’t get me wrong: positive thinking is a very useful skill and you certainly need some in order to get through this material.

However, way too often it is being abused for PRopaganda  purposes. There’s a positive spin on every atrocity imaginable.

Positive thinking alone won’t save humanity. We do have to lift the rug and clean all the garbage underneath.

There’s also a whole industry teaching positivity. I really don’t feel like rehashing stuff that you can get elsewhere. I may give you some tools and/or refer you to appropriate resources, but it won’t be our main focus.

4. It may get repetitive at times.

Intellectual understanding is superficial. Just because you ‘know’ something intellectually doesn’t mean that you already own it.

It’s only after you experience how the new knowledge applies in many different situations that it will become an integral part of your self.

Expect the key points to come up over and over. It’s necessary, Neo.

You’ve been warned. Continue on your own peril.

If you still wish to do so, please go to the next page.

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