Introduction to Jungle Consciousness

Basic Principles of Jungle Consciousness

What is jungle consciousness?

It’s a state of mind. It’s the state of mind that has been appropriate for surviving in the jungle.

Other names for jungle consciousness are the original sin, the beast, the dark side , scarcity mentality and fear (vs. love) – to name a few.

As you can see, the beast is not an entity or an individual. It’s a state of consciousness – jungle consciousness.

So let’s get into it.

In the jungle, conditions are harsh. Life is short and cheap. Resources are tight. Everybody wants to eat you. So this is what our brains are hardwired to assume.

When living in jungle consciousness, you feel unsafe. There’s never enough of anything. Everybody is out to get you. And your life is cheap and short.

Because life is cheap, you feel unworthy. And it’s not just you.

In the jungle, everybody is unworthy until proven otherwise.

As a result, your whole life ends up revolving around trying to prove your worth. In the back of your mind, you keep a whole team of attorneys with the sole job of proving you’re right.

Every goal you set and every interaction you engage in have one purpose: to postpone your inevitable destruction.

See, in the jungle there’s only one guarantee: You’ll get eaten.

All you could ever do is postpone it. And the only way to do it is by making sure that somebody else gets eaten first.

Not knowing who’s next feels deeply disturbing. It usually means that you’re the one but don’t know it yet.

There ALWAYS has to be a victim.

And you won’t rest until you make sure that there is one. It would be stupid to not make sure it’s somebody else.


Just to make sure you understand:

There’s a hidden motivation behind our every thought and action. And it has nothing to do with the positive spin we subconsciously give it.

It has been subconscious until now. You just got your first glimpse of it. More detail is coming.

Now, that’s a grim picture. Don’t you wish you could just ignore it?

Denial is the most predictable of most human responses.

~ The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded

I didn’t say it would be pretty.

It’s important to realize that we are NOT doomed. There’s a way out, but it requires an understanding of what we’re dealing with.

Denying it doesn’t help. Feeling guilty about it doesn’t either.

Let me put this in yet another way:

Our legacy from the animal world includes certain ways of functioning that are no longer appropriate. Unfortunately, we are mostly unaware of them. They end up distorting our thinking and ultimately dictate the choices we make.

In order to break free, we must use one very human trait: The ability to self-reflect.

This ability has been called many differed names, such as the witness, observing ego, meta-knowledge and knowing oneself.

It’s the ability to bring into consciousness processes that are otherwise running automatically.

Understanding the true motivations and consequences of your impulses will enable you to decide when to go forward with them and when not to. For the most part, our minds are doing an amazing job. Being able to recognize the glitch and correct for it will set you free.

On the next page we’ll clear out some misconceptions.

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