Introduction to Jungle Consciousness

Clearing Out a Few Misconceptions

Let’s have one more look at the message we began with:

Our brains didn’t evolve for the purpose of making us happy.

They are optimized for helping us survive and procreate in a jungle.

They thrive on struggle but are utterly confused by prosperity.
And they end up sabotaging it.

There’s a beast in your mind that’s pulling your strings
without you knowing it.

It’s putting thoughts into your mind
and you think they are your thoughts.

It will hijack your highest of motives
and use them to seduce you into war.

As already mentioned, it is stated in two different ways, in two different languages if you will.

Chances are that you may have a bias toward one of these languages and against the other.

Chances are that you may currently be at war against one of them. In your current experience, being at war might appear to be the “right” or “just” or “ethical” thing to do. It may seem as if being at war could give meaning to your life or prove that you’re worthy.

Whatever your current experience might be, just notice it.

Don’t try to fight or judge it. Just notice what it is. Appreciate how convincing it is.

Cultivating an awareness of how things currently are is an essential step of the process.

The ultimate goal of this whole website is to help you achieve a state of mind, out of which war no longer feels necessary. A state of mind from which peace arises naturally and effortlessly.

If you were already there, I’d be wasting my time. It’s perfectly fine that you haven’t arrived, yet.

If war still feels like an attractive choice to you, it’s because from your current knowledge and experience that’s a logical thing to conclude. Knowledge and experience are always finite, so let’s expand yours a bit.

 The Different Ways to Perceive a “Parent”

We’ll use this distinction in a bit.

There are many different ways to perceive a parent, for example:

  • somebody superior to submit to;
  • a role model to learn from and imitate;
  • somebody to outgrow and surpass.

Do you resonate with one of these more than the others?

Do you resonate with a role I haven’t included?

Do you remember a time when your perception was different?

Were you aware that you perception’s not the only one possible?

Why am I bringing this up?

Darth Ape: "I'm Your Father."

Darth Ape: “I’m Your Father.”

Here’s the deal: Jungle consciousness is a legacy we have from the animal world.

Some of you may find the idea of having descended from the animals very unappealing. If that’s the case it’s probably because you don’t perceive a “parent” in the third way.

You may not want to consider an animal superior and submit to it.

You may not want to have an animal as a role model.

Is this you?

Here’s my attitude towards animals: I think they are amazing and I’m thankful for the legacy they’ve left us. I’m sad that they are trapped in their animalistic ways and unable to enter the future like we can. I believe that it’s our duty to inherit the planet and take good care of it. To this end, we should use both our purely human skills, along with those we’ve inherited from the animals.

Don’t be ashamed of your past. Don’t try to cover it up. Lest it enslaves your future.

A Misconception About Evolution

Here’s the truth about evolution: (apart from the fact that it does exist)

It doesn’t in any way determine how things should be. It merely shows what has been self-sustaining until now.

Science hasn’t figured out the purpose of your life, let alone proven it. It can’t. It never will.

Anybody who attempts to support an ethic of cutthroat competition doesn’t get what evolution is all about.

It’s a process. Unable of self-reflection, animals have been its helpless pawns. So have we humans – until now.

As a result of this process, if feeling miserable raises your chances of survival and replication, it will be selected for. You’ll end up leaving behind plentiful generations of miserable grandchildren.

Until now, it has been self-sustaining for individuals to ignore the big picture and constantly seek some edge over other individuals. It works quite fine if teeth and claws is all you’ve got. No matter how strong you are, the damage you can cause stays within limits.

This has been true for humans as well. Armed just with a sword, you could raze a city or ten, but the biosphere as a whole would persist.

This no longer works. We’ve grown too powerful. What used to be self-sustaining no longer is. We’ll either change or self-destruct.

A Few Misconceptions About What’s ‘Natural’

Whenever you start learning something new, it won’t come to you habitually at first.

‘Natural’ doesn’t equal ‘good.’ It’s simply the way things have been until now.

We are all born into being unable to stand straight.

We are all born into being unable to talk.

We are all born into illiteracy.

These are all ‘natural’ states. Throughout most of the written and unwritten history, humans have been illiterate. Despite all the flaws of our current education system, mass literacy is a huge leap forward.

Almost everything you can, you were born into being unable to do. And then you learned it.

And the way you learned it is that somebody showed you the door and then you walked through it.

There might be a very few things that you’ll have to figure out completely on your own. We could call these your life mission.

But most of human knowledge is shared. It would be a huge waste of human effort to not do so.

In exactly the same way, we are born into jungle consciousness. This is where we all end up and stay by default. A culture perpetuating it develops by default.

We are all born into the cage of our own minds and can’t help but fight.

This has been the state of affairs until now. It has been our ‘natural state.’

And it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Once a new paradigm has been figured out, everybody can learn it, and then a new culture is born.

It’s like literacy. Humanity can do it.


This has been a mouthful. Thank you for reading this far. I’m impressed!

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