Introduction to Jungle Consciousness

Make This Knowledge Your Own

This has been quite some theory. Rather than simply repeating it, let’s see how it already applies in your life.

Do you remember a prolonged period in your life that was free of struggle? All of your needs were met and you had plenty of free time.

Many people never experience this. But if you ever did, what was it like? Were you at peace or did you manage to ruin it for yourself?

In case it never happened to you, think of celebrities. Are they at peace? Or do they manage to get themselves in all sorts of trouble?

What I’m getting at is the message we started off with: We thrive on struggle and get confused without it.

Our brains didn’t evolve for the purpose of making us happy.

They are optimized for helping us survive and procreate in a jungle.

They thrive on struggle but are utterly confused by prosperity.
And they end up sabotaging it.

There’s a beast in your mind that’s pulling your strings
without you knowing it.

It’s putting thoughts into your mind
and you think they are your thoughts.

It will hijack your highest of motives
and use them to seduce you into war.

There’s a glitch in the human mind that keeps us at war. We can’t help it – as long as we stay unaware of how it works.

As you were reading this material, did you feel any discomfort?

Did you get disillusioned?

Did you feel guilty about anything?

Through the process of learning, this can happen. We are facing some uncomfortable truths about the human nature.

Our goal however is never to put anybody down, but only to understand what we’ve been dealing with – so that we can take control.

Have you had times in your life when you felt confused? Throughout these times, did you encounter people who had you fight against some enemy of sorts? Did you engage in any such fights and how did it turn out?What did it feel like to be fighting for their cause?

By default, people attempt to improve their lives by identifying an enemy and launching an attack against them. This makes you vulnerable to the demagogues who want to sell you an enemy.


Do you feel like you have in your life enough of everything you need?

Do you feel safe?

Do you trust other people?

Do you feel worthy? Do you find others worthy?

Is there anything you need to do in order to feel like this or is it unconditional?

As you may have noticed, these questions target the essence of jungle consciousness, which is a state of lack, fear and worthlessness.

Do you consider yourself a tolerant person?

What is your attitude towards ‘parents?’

What is your attitude towards animals?

Do you believe in evolution?

What does evolutional theory have to say about the purpose of human life?

What human skills are natural?

How do you see the future of the planet and your role in it?

Humanity in a Vicious Cycle

Humanity in a Vicious Cycle


Take your time to ponder on this material and re-read it a few more times.

You may notice that a change in your mind is already happening. This may be just the first step, but there’s no turning back.

I believe that humanity can break out of the cycle.

Can I guarantee it? No. There is no guarantee that we will, but believing that we can raises the odds that we’ll do.

But in order to do so we need more enlightened individuals who know what’s going on.


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  • Your Brain Is a Gambler: How your brain works and how it is fooling you.
  • Debugging Anger: The anatomy of a destructive emotion and its ripple effects.
  • Dissatisfaction Guaranteed: One attitude that is keeping you permanently unhappy and what to do about it.
  • Where Does The Nile Spring From: Why are we in denial and how do we come out of it.
  • Throwing Mud at the Villain: You weren’t aware of all those games your mind’s playing on you, were you …
  • I Refuse to Feel Worthy: Jungle consciousness stubbornly refuses to feel worthy. Here’s why …
  • More !

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